Monte Carlo

This weekend, I had the pleasure of going to  the theatre with the lovely ladies of my youth group. How often do you get a group of 10 girls to see a movie, so of course we had to choose the current cutsie chick flick of the moment, and it happened to be Monte Carlo. So, after a few rounds of Just Dance 2, we headed out for the theatre.

Monte Carlo Movie Poster

Monte Carlo, click for the trailer!


Monte Carlo is the story of Grace’s (Selena Gomez) senior trip to Europe, she plans on going with her sassy Texan best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy). Her recently married mother and stepfather decide the trip would be a great bonding experience for Grace and uptight stepsister Meg (Leighton Meester).

So grudgingly they head to Paris, the city of love, or lights, depending on who you are in this movie.

Each girl has her own little mini drama in the movie, though Grace’s problems get the main focus. From here the story is basically the Princess and the Pauper, or Parent Trap revamped.

Thanks to some hotel managers who barely speak English and the insane clone like resemblance, small town Grace and her phony British accent take the place of wealthy careless heiress, Cordelia (played by… shocker, Selena Gomez.).

I wish the story had focused more on Meg. Uptight, shy, pessimistic and slight control freak Meg finds true love, and he somehow ends up in every place she goes to in Europe without some creepy stalker vibe. Although it might have just been blocked out by his amazing Australian accent… or you know, how he looks shirtless, but whatever. So, she has to decide if she will risk it all for “true love”.

I definitely feel like her story would have made a cute movie, and wish the focus had been on her.

Emma’s whole story is about how her boyfriend asks her to marry him just so she won’t go to Paris without her. She of course leaves, upset that he doesn’t want this opportunity for her. So, basically that’s her story.

I won’t give away the endings, but there are NO twists. predictability gets five stars.

It also annoys me that the girls lose their luggage the first night, so most of the movie the are all in the same outfit. Selena’s is not even  a cute outfit… I got sick of seeing it after the first half hour, which was like a few days in the movie.

Not to mention, everything goes wrong, they keep missing people by like half a second, the whole entire movie. It’s ver frustrating.

A cute movie, younger girls would for sure enjoy. But I wouldn’t have minded waiting for it to come to the dollar theatre to go see. It’s slow in certain parts, and the lack of adorable outfits was a disappointment. I mean how long are you gonna wear that grey shirt before it molds?



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