So, I did it. I went and saw Courageous. Honestly I didn’t expect much.

The makers of this movie did make Facing the Giants, which makes the top three of the worst movies I’ve ever made. (Even excusing the awfully exaggerated accents, it still pains me to watch it.)

But, the whole youth group wanted to see a movie together, soooo…. we braved the theatre and got to Courageous.

Courageous was actually a great movie. I mean some of it still seemed a little less polished, but insanely major improvement from the Facing the Giants days.

This movie is about a group of police officers who, after tragedy strikes, decide to make a pact to be men of courage and the best fathers they can possibly be.

The movie has some action, some really great comedy lines (which really just make the movie for me), and of course the dramatic sad scenes that had Kayla digging through her purse for the Kleenex.

I would definitely say go see this movie, especcially to guys and fathers. It’s a great message, and while it is preachy, it’s okay, because the story line is easy to get into. 

Bring the Kleenex though, because like I said, tearjerker. But, you will not walk out of that movie the same person. That whole night we pointed out every cop we saw (which was like a lot), and thought about them. Two thumbs up.


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