So, being the crazy Taylor Lautner fans (he was adorable in Cheaper by the Dozen 2!), my friend Kayla and I are, we had to go see Abduction.



Abduction follows the story of Nathan (Taylor Lautner), starting in the days before he realizes that the people he eats dinner with, wrestles with, and loves are not his parents.

What would a good movie be without a pretty girl to help him survive? Queue Karen (Lily Collins). Nathan’s longtime neighbor, crush, and now research partner in Sociology. What are they researching? Missing persons, and abducted children… of course!

So, Nathan then finds out more than he (and we) ever needed to know about his fathers secret international dealings, the CIA, and driving cars like a stuntman. Mission number one would seem to be stay alive, that soon turns into keep Karen alive, because she refuses to leave.

So in the end, Nathan has to keep the secret his father found, keep Karen alive and well, run from the CIA, run from international spies, and figure out the mystery that is his childhood.

While completely muscled and cute, Taylor Lautner’s role as the serious rebellious kid seemed kind of awkward and was a little hard to watch at times. The chemistry between Taylor and Lily was there, but not totally strong. (Props go to the actress Sigourney Weaver, who plays Dr. Bennet and Nathan’s mentor. She was amazing in this role.)

But overall the plot was fairly solid, the acting was good and the 2 hours went by fairly quickly. Lots of action, suspence and of course drama. Go see it, just not with little kids.


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