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Decoding Elementary School Award Ceremonies

My little brother is officially a second grader as of today… and yesterday he and his whole school did an awards ceremony. Aside from lasting longer than my highschool graduation… literally, it was a cute ceremony… full of little encrypted messages and back handed compliments that I couldn’t help but giggle about.

My mom told me when I was younger teachers always told her I was very informative… It took a couple years for her to realize what that actually entailed… namely me, being the class tattle tale. Teachers have to be some of the most diplomatic people I’ve ever met.

I’m sure they were all laughing at this awards ceremony… and you would too. I mean some of these awards… crazy.

My little brother got the “Most Knowledgeable award”. Knowing my little brother, without a shadow of a doubt I know this means “smart alec-y know it all”. I just imagine him on a daily basis, cutting the teacher off to correct her or make some snarky comment. The kid knows more about medieval weaponry and animals than any first grader should.

Some of the other awards and their OKD (“Official Kiersten Dictionary”) definitions

“Good Communicator” — Adj. Most likely, but not exclusively, a girl who cannot keep her mouth shut.

“Perfect Attendence” — N. Signifies parents that aren’t any fun… and an over compensation in the immune system department.

“Risk Taker”– N. Will not stop jumping off the slide no matter how many times the whistle blows.

“Well-balanced”– Adj. Means the teacher did not once consider sending that particular child to the guidance counselor.

“Most Creative”– Superlative signifying a constant daydreamer, game-player, and art class enthusiast.

What would your award be in elementary school?

Love Kiersten

PS. Romo is never allowed to open another Rangers game. He cannot even go to the game. He cannot even watch the game at home on his probably-way-too-big flatscreen. Nope. Not allowed.