The Mummy: Life Saving Life Lessons


The Mummy has to be an all time favorite movie of mine. Breelin can attest to the fact that I pathetically probably have it memorized… and who wouldn’t? Evie’s British accent is just too fun not to copy. Seriously.

Even with dated graphics, and some awful CG, The Mummy is great. Brenden Fraiser is awesome. Evie is totally my hero. Librarian book nerd in search of treasure, adventure, and knowledge makes her way to a non existant city in Egypt… haunted by the most evil man to ever live… and then what? She brings him back to life! How’s he thank her? Two words, human sacrifice.

I believe one of few things most people would agree on: being sacrificed to bring a 3000 year old lady’s corpse back to life doesn’t sound all that fun. Luckily she’s got O’Connell… and a drunk brother with sheer dumb luck.

So… without any further ado I bring you Life Saving Life Lessons straight from Hollywood Egypt itself! (Con commentary by yours truly).

1. Ladders and Libraries do not mix.

2. If they have to mix, might I suggest not setting up your giant book shelves like a huge game of dominoes…

3. When you don’t heed my warning, and they do mix… run.

4. Ancient mummy coffins, great place to scare people.

5. Don’t let a guy on death row kiss you, instant love.

6. Americans are apparently all from the “wild west” and therefore all know how to shoot a gun while drunk and playing cards.

7. Don’t trade your sister for the camels (which apparently run faster than horses? Who knew?)

8. When you do find an ancient (gooey) mummy, don’t open the case.

9. When you open the case anyways, don’t read from the evil haunted book of death.

10. When you do that anyways (you suck at listening), run away.

11. When the evil now walking rotting corpse of doom follows you to Cairo and you discover he’s afraid of cats… become a freaking cat lady! Stat!

12. When you still don’t listen (I mean how hard is it to hold on to a kitten for a few days?), pray… but never lose your sense of humor or sarcastic wit. YOLO, right?

BONUS: Apparently you don’t OLO, because this mummy comes to life again in the sequel and dies like 5 times.

Yes, the lessons you learn from The Mummy are indeed valuable, possibly life saving. A copy of this movie should be in every “Welcome to Egypt” packet.

Okay, go watch The Mummy, enjoy it as much as I do (every single time I watch it).

Love, Kiersten

PS. I hope you listen better than the people in movies, who never listen to me no matter how loud I yell at them. Oh well, their loss.


Ultimate Temptation: iPhone

I have an android. I love it most of the time. I find the way it works so much user-friendly. But there are a few things in this world, that tempt me to get an iPhone…

Without further ado, the pro’s:

1. Screen shots! Android is getting better, but on my EVO 4G I still cannot screen shot… and it’s pretty annoying.

2. All the cool, compatible accessories. They make me jealous.

A pocket iphone projector, movie night in a jif!

A pocket iphone projector! 😀

Hidden compartment wallet!

3. No matter where you go, someone in your group has a charger you can borrow, because the whole world is Apple obsessed and has some kind of apple product… bring us to number four…

4. All the apple chargers are compatible with all the products! SO NICE. Only have to bring one charger for all your apple stuff on a trip or in the car.

Now for the Con’s

1. Autocorrect is a freaking idiot on the iphone. There are seriously whole websites dedicated to the dirty messed up inner mind of the iphone.

2. Apple fanatics are annoying. To say the least.

Diamond Encrusted iPhone only 13,000 Euros. What a steal!

3. Some of the accessories are just stupid. Seriously.


Mini Pizzas!

As of today, I am trying to step up start my quest to get healthy. Using the word “quest” just makes it all seem so much more fun and exciting.

Anyhow, as I do this, it will mean less trips to McDonald’s and more creative recipe ideas! For lunch today I used “sandwich rounds” (which are basically like mini breads) to make mini pizzas! What’s great about individual pizzas is that you can create them especially for whoever would like one or what you have sitting in your refrigerator.

The Sandwich Rounds that I used… you can use another brand or even bagels!

I made mine with just a little pizza sauce, a little bit of “Italian Mix” Cheese, and some bell peppers. The Pizza sauce and cheese may not be all that healthy, but really you don’t have to use more than a spoonful on these tiny pizzas… and the cheese really isn’t bad for you in small quantities, especially when you’re like me and don’t have enough calcium as it is.

You can get so creative with toppings here!

Just add whatever you want to your cute little mini-pizza, pop in the toaster oven on broil for a few minutes, and presto! A delicious mini pizza for lunch! Depending on what you put on it, it’ll probably be less than 300 calories. Season to taste. Add your favorite fruit to the plate, and wah-la.

The finished product!

Yummy, easy, and something blessedly different than a sandwich with baked chips or a salad!



Christian Pickup Lines

I decided I had no life, and might as well enjoy the down time and make a few of those Christian Pickup Line cards. I found most of them on the internet, a few I sort of made up after seeing the original concept. I figure it’s just in time for everyone to get some practice in with the mirror before they find this year’s church camp boy/girl friend. These pretty much at least guarantee you a good smile, and maybe a date to make fun of all the cafeteria food.

You can make your own ecards at, they have lots of pics, and you can choose what they say. You might have fun with it!


Oh, and if you actually use them, I’d love to know how it goes and fully expect a wedding invite.

Best Wishes! Kiersten

I believe….

I believe....

The Phineas and Ferb theme song, is the Fresh Prince theme song of the future. Everyone will know it and have to complete it.

It’s the Truth

Texting Truth

Today’s Simple Truth

Today's Simple Truth

This just kind of seems to fit my life lately. I need new Facebook friends, haha.

Dear Me, (Reflections and Advice from the Future)

 Hey Kiersten, it’s you from the year 2012. Apparently this year the world is gonna end, but I made it thru y2k, the bird and swine flu’s, and the rise and fall of MySpace. I’m not too worried, and I know you and you know me, we’re worriers of the worst kind.

I learned a few lessons in my years here, I thought I would pass on. I know you’re stubborn and might not listen to me, but if not, hey don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Dear First Grade Me, Your father in the principle… your mother is the school nurse… every teacher knows your name. If you are ever gonna be able to “rule the school” now is your time to act. P.S. Not that you’ll listen, but that building a couple doors down is not for psychos… it’s just a old folks home. They aren’t that scary, cheek pinching aside.

Second grade me, keeping dozens of lady bugs as pets just doesn’t work. They won’t stay in that barbie house, and you will wake up with them in your hair. Oh, that squirrel that eats out of your hand, Nutter Butter,  take a picture with him. I don’t think I remembered to!

Don’t let Breelin play, “Don’t step on Toffee”, it just ends in tears, a dead hamster and a missed soccer game. (You make an awesome goalie, you find out later you were the goalie because you were the only one not afraid of putting your face down with a bunch of kicking soccer cleats. You rock.)

Third grade me, when your teacher is reading about some little boy being very sick and she faints, she isn’t just being dramatic. Get the nurse. Oh, and taking home your class Turtle for the weekend may seem fun now… FYI they stink. Literally.

You should really consider enjoying reading starting now, it makes those crazy long car trips slightly more bearable. Although after about 16 hours in the car enjoying it goes out the window, you just want to survive.

Fourth grade me, looking back I know that for fourth graders some of your friends can be VERY dramatic. As a pastor’s daughter I guess it’s good that God brings you this lesson early in life. Remember to try and deal with people diplomatically… oh I have you to thank for the beginning of my life long friendship with a near and dear friend, Sarcasm. Don’t know how I would have made it through school without you. PS. You’re amazing at Wall Ball and Four Square.

Fifth grade me, this is your last year in California. But, it’s okay. Not everyone in Kansas wears ruby slippers and has annoying yappy dogs. Some people there are even pretty awesome. Please though, take advantage of the great cali beaches while your still there. Wear sunscreen.

You have a cute little brother, he screams and cries and only shuts up when you sit outside with him. But you will love him alot, at least until he starts leaving legos on the ground. Take lots of blackmail pictures!

Sixth grade me, see I told you Kansas wasn’t all that bad. You’re at the age when guys get really annoying. Here’s a tip: it doesn’t get any better… Clear mascara is not make-up, it’s clear. It is the chapstick of mascaras.

Also, Xanga is a trap. It is not a private online diary. Do not complain about the mean things your friends do, even if they are mean… because one of the will eventually find the page and drag you to the scary counselor’s office,  after printing out the page of course.

Seventh grade me, don’t be scared about memorizing your locker combo and finding all your classes, you will do it eventually. Just remember, if you walk into a classroom and your seat is taken, make sure your in the right class period before asking the teacher what’s wrong.

Go to the mixer, some kids try to do the worm and it’s a great laugh. Oh, and play outside as much as you can, you’ll miss it.

PS Get over your pony tail phase! Oh my goodness do something with your hair!

Eighth grade me, you think your about to die. Leaving all your very best friends behind in Kansas. You won’t die, but don’t expect things to be a breeze in Christian school either. You’ll meet a few people to help you  get through the year. Might even see a cute guy. Just remember girls are never as dramatic as they are in Jr. High, and you thought fourth grade was bad! ha!

Ninth grade me, you’ll love the year of homeschooling. Just stay on top of things, chill in your PJs. When your co-op group goes to the art museum don’t even whisper joke about sitting on the ancient throne chair (even if it’s only behind a rope and doesn’t seem all that important), the guard a few feet away has like super hearing and will lecture your group for 10 minutes on the evils of sitting in the chair. And when they take you to a fancy lunch… salad with pecan encrusted goat cheese is not your best bet.

Tenth grade me, welcome to China Spring. Make some new friends, switch to a top locker (before the guy above you drops a text book on your head), and try your best in every class.

Eleventh grade me, new science wing! Yay. Not really. Chemistry isn’t that bad if you pay attention and take good notes. But for goodness sake don’t forget your rubber band or closed toe shoes on lab day.

Oh, and you don’t think your going to prom, but you are. You also will find a great dress on clearance at davids bridal a week before prom. Don’t stress about a date, you learn it’s more fun to go with friends anyways. Oh, and don’t leave your ticket in the car when your dad goes to vacuum it. You won’t see it again.

Twelfth grade me, Wow. Don’t stress about what you want to do. I still don’t know. But I do know several of your friends have changed majors several times. (Your mom was gonna be a Spanish teacher for goodness sake!) Stop freaking out and enjoy the year.

For heaven’s sake, wear like 6000 SPF sunscreen at the beach this summer! You would rather be white, than red and peeling. I swear.

No matter what you do, you cannot make a paper airplane. It just won’t happen. Beg someone for help ahead of time as opposed to last minute.

At the Zoo, go out the back way… because you CANNOT SEE past the bush, and with your luck you’ll pull out right in front of a state trooper, who isn’t the “give a warning” type.

Relax, Trust God, Perfect Your Amazing Signature, and Enjoy the Ride (it goes fast!)

See ya in the Mirror, Kiersten

This post was inspired by the Brad Paisley Song Letter to Me. It’s cute.

Letter to Me – Brad Paisley

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Tonight I made some delicious chicken tortilla soup for my mom, she has been wanting it for days… so I figured, why not?

Here is the recipe I used:

I highly recommend it,  with a couple twists.

What I love love love about making soup is the fact that you can totally make it your own, and personalize it to your family’s tastes.

I added red beans to the recipe (rinsed and drained), I added more chicken broth, and no water. I probably used way more chili powder than it said, I didn’t measure it. I replaced the Oregano with Cumin, and I didn’t add the cilantro. I also just used the whole can of hominy instead of just throwing away some of it. I also had it simmer way longer than 40 minutes, closer to a couple of hours. It made the house smell great!

As for toppings, we got some sliced avocado,  shredded cheese and tortilla strips.

For the tortilla strips I covered them in a mixture of melted butter, chili powder, and garlic powder melted together. They were probably one of my favorite parts of the meal, if I were gonna be honest.


Have you smiled today?

Happy wednesday!


THIS is basically how I felt all day yesterday:

I have bible study tonight, we are doing Beth Moore’s newest study. Pretty good, I’ll have to do a post on it later!

Love, kiersten