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Charm and Punishment

As you are reading this  I am all sweaty, disgusting, hot and on mimimum sleep. That’s right! While you read this I will be at camp! Anyways… this is going to seem like it’s really long. But it is a five minute short story I am entering into a contest. Through the magic of technology this will appear while I am miles away from cell service.

I had to rewrite a fairy tale! My love of fairy tales being what it is, I was totally up for this challenge! I decided to rewrite Aladdin. For starters Aladdin, becomes Miss Adalyn… the rest you can read for yourself! 🙂 The winner get’s published in a magazine and a free Kindle Fire! How cool is that?!

Just thought you might be in need of a smile today, and I hope I can help you out! Enjoy!


PS. Please pray I’m still alive, haven’t broken any bones, or broken any kids! Love ya!

One very well executed senior prank, and what was I doing? I got stuck sorting through the basement of terror for the next two weeks. Only me! Everyone else dodged the bullet somehow.

Oh yeah, I remember. My “friends” sold me out to the principal.

The crypt’s only “school board approved” purpose was storage for several decades’ worth of lost and found items. It was also served as the school’s hot spot make-out zone, and a torture chamber, namely for me.  It was either this, or no walking the stage at graduation. I’m pretty sure it’s child abuse to have me down here against my will. There’s probably mold down here, I gasp, or poisonous spiders.

At my funeral they’ll realize how cruel-and-unusual-punishment-y this was. But by then it’ll be too late.

All we did was set the principle’s ’66 Mustang GT Convertible on the roof… He had a total meltdown, like try-to-call-the-coast-guard-to-save-his-“baby” meltdown. Slight over reaction if you ask me.

Note that I said “we”. That’s because there were four of us. After months of planning, weeks of drills, hundreds of dollars, and a perfect execution, they ruin the moment and sell me out so they don’t get ‘suspended’. What a bunch of pansies. I grudgingly brought myself back to the task at hand and picked up an old retainer with some form of food still attached to it. I threw it across the room, resisting the urge to scream. I am in dire need of new friends, and gloves.

I decided to tackle the boxes from last year first and leave the 1970’s in their place, buried deep in the basement, hidden among rolls of orange shag carpeting and boxes of bell bottom jeans.


I spun around the room, looking but seeing no one. Great, 20 minutes down here, and I’m already starting to lose it.

I shook my head and decided to open the box marked from last year. The thin water damaged cardboard was practically dissolving into the floor. I start to reach my hand in, using the screen on my phone as a pathetic flashlight. Dear God, may all rats, mice, spiders, and anything else that moves or has teeth please disappear from this box, never to return. Amen.

I closed my eyes, and began to expose the contents of the box. A retainer, no two retainers… Three library books. One pink sparkly converse shoe. Ew, one moldy sock. A pocket knife. And… ooh, what’s this? A cell phone!

I picked it up, and rubbed the dust off the screen. It flickered to life. Now that’s what I call battery life, geez. I examined the phone. I’m halfway tempted to see what kind of dirt –metaphoric dirt—it contains.

A strange woman popped up on the screen, wearing a total punk outfit. Blue hair, black miniskirt, and fishnets included. Strange.

“Adalyn! Finally!” I dropped the phone. It said my name. It moved. The phone. Spoke my name.

“Stop being ridiculous! Pick me up this instant,” she (it?) commanded, voice muffled as the speaker was now lying against the concrete floor. I don’t really want to, but I kind of do, who am I kidding? Of course I want to. I pick up the phone and turn the screen to face me.

“Thank you! Didn’t you hear me call you?”

“What is this? Is this a joke?” I am talking to a cellphone, ‘to’ not ‘on’, yep I’m losing it. “Am I on TV?”

“Shut up, and let me give my spiel.” I nodded my head in compliance, she gave me an annoyed half smile and continued in a completely uninterested monotone.

“Hello Adalyn, I’m Trixie. I’m a genie. I’m here to make your life amazing, your wildest dreams a reality, and ultimately,” she rolled her eyes and glared at me with distaste, “to make you smile.” The over-rehearsed script obviously engrained into her mind, much to her disdain.

“Where are the hidden cameras? Am I gonna meet Ashton?” I asked a little too excitedly, scanning the room quickly.

“No, not unless you wish it!” she shouted. “Now pay attention to the rules.”

I rolled my eyes, rules.

“Humans almost never get anything right when telling people about supernatural beings, but they somehow managed to get one detail right. Three wish limit, no exceptions, no extra wish wishes. Three. Oh, and absolutely no raising people from the dead. That’s just gross.” She shuddered at a bad memory.

“No seriously, is Ashton here?”

No!” She shouted so loud it hurt my ears, “You senseless human! Do you not understand? I’m magical! Charmed! Enchanted!”

“Don’t genies, like, come in lamps? Lamps buried deep in caves?”

“Our homes change with the times, duh.” She rolled her eyes. “The lamp was much roomier than these preposterous ‘smart phones’,” she said with disgust.

I looked at her with furrowed brows, and she sighed dramatically before crossing her arms over her chest and quickly bobbing her head once.

We were soon floating up to the ceiling!

“Put me down!” I screamed as the ground became smaller, and the mess in the basement seemed to grow. The room began to spin wildly, or was it just me? Shag carpet, retainers and hundreds of boxes flew past in a blur. “Okay. I believe you’re real! Put me down!”

“You’re not exactly valedictorian, are you? Didn’t think so.” After insulting me, she became an actual little five inch tall person standing on my phone screen. “Now let’s make this snappy, three wishes. I have a wish quota to fill before I get some vacation time, and Atlantis is calling my name.”

“You mean I have to decide now? But that wasn’t in the rules!”

“You were actually listening?” She asked, completely irritated.

“Of course.”

She stomped her foot like a irate five year-old.

“Why? It’s not like you don’t have plenty of time.”

She had the best death glare I’ve ever seen, and started to open her mouth.

“Your manners are a little rusty, you really need to get out more,” I smirked and she growled, literally.

“Okay,” I put my hands up in surrender. “I’ll try and decide on what to wish for.”

Ummm… Panic began to set in. Maybe I should be responsible and wish for like world peace or something. Nah, who am I, Gracie Lu Freebush? Trixie began to tap her foot impatiently and clench her jaw.

“I can’t choose this quickly!” I yelled, stress building.

“One night, I’ll give you one night to dream, imagine, and decide on your final wishes. After 24 hours, I start to get testy.”

“24 hours? You started to get testy -” I stopped. One look at her face told me this wasn’t a welcome conversation.

I tried again, “24 hours sounds lovely.”

“Well, have fun with this,” she glanced around the room, and her eyes lit up. “Let me help you out with the 70s.”

With an impish grin and a flick of her head, all the 70’s boxes opened and began to organize themselves, Hot Stuff by Donna Summers played in the background. The disco ball even hung itself on the ceiling.

I almost got maimed by a flying afro pick. I dodged it Matrix-style and she smiled.

Three wishes. It was my turn to give an impish grin. This punishment might not be so bad after all, might even be a little fun. 


How to Procrastinate: Packing for Camp

In my efforts to put off packing for camp as long as possible, I am writing a blog post to help those of who need a few tips on Procrastination.

You roll your eyes now, sure. You think that you just turn on the TV and sit? No. Procrastination is not just sitting. It is an art form, and class is now in session.

1. Know what your actual minimum deadline. This is key to being a successful procrastinator. If your alarm clock goes off at 6 AM, but you know that you can actually get ready late-ninja style in 10 minutes, well, there you go. You know your minimum start time and laze around until then.

2. Keep reading this blog. At least a few minutes closer to your goal.

3. Trick yourself into thinking you’re being productive. For example. I put my clothes in the washer… but really that just puts off me packing for another hour.

4. Distract yourself with something semi-productive. Twist logic however you need to for this to work. I am doing a blog post for all my readers waiting with baited breath. After this I might head over to pinterest and find some life saving ways to use mason jars that I could never survive without.

5. Make yourself believe what you are doing is really actually important… this is again where the logic twisting magic of your pro-procrastinators comes into play.

6. Make others believe what you are doing is actually important. “But mom, I HAVE to write this blog post.”

7. Push away that guilt. There is always tomorrow. Unless you die… then it really didn’t matter anyways did it?

8. At the last possible second, run around like a 4 year old with a monster energy drink trying to get everything done. This step includes but is not limited to the following actions: running around the house, being able to find nothing, yelling at everyone in the house asking if they’ve seen your other shoe, yelling at them to “stop being lazy and help me look,” getting really mad when they don’t help, getting distracted by something else that you found more entertaining than your lost shoe, finally finding your shoes just when your sure the dog ate it, falling asleep with everything “almost done”

9. You wake up the next morning and you realize “almost done” means something way different than it did four hours ago. Last night almost done meant zipping up your bag. This morning it means: finding socks, packing a tooth brush, remembering you need bedding and towels, running around like a mad woman ultimately skipping breakfast and making you really irritable.

10. You made it. You get there and realize you forgot a minimum of three things, but you have friends and decide to make the best of it… and mooch off of them.

Congrats: Your diploma will be in the mail any day now! You’re a PROcrastinator! Woo!

Ultimate Temptation: iPhone

I have an android. I love it most of the time. I find the way it works so much user-friendly. But there are a few things in this world, that tempt me to get an iPhone…

Without further ado, the pro’s:

1. Screen shots! Android is getting better, but on my EVO 4G I still cannot screen shot… and it’s pretty annoying.

2. All the cool, compatible accessories. They make me jealous.

A pocket iphone projector, movie night in a jif!

A pocket iphone projector! 😀

Hidden compartment wallet!

3. No matter where you go, someone in your group has a charger you can borrow, because the whole world is Apple obsessed and has some kind of apple product… bring us to number four…

4. All the apple chargers are compatible with all the products! SO NICE. Only have to bring one charger for all your apple stuff on a trip or in the car.

Now for the Con’s

1. Autocorrect is a freaking idiot on the iphone. There are seriously whole websites dedicated to the dirty messed up inner mind of the iphone.

2. Apple fanatics are annoying. To say the least.

Diamond Encrusted iPhone only 13,000 Euros. What a steal!

3. Some of the accessories are just stupid. Seriously.


Dear Me, (Reflections and Advice from the Future)

 Hey Kiersten, it’s you from the year 2012. Apparently this year the world is gonna end, but I made it thru y2k, the bird and swine flu’s, and the rise and fall of MySpace. I’m not too worried, and I know you and you know me, we’re worriers of the worst kind.

I learned a few lessons in my years here, I thought I would pass on. I know you’re stubborn and might not listen to me, but if not, hey don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dear First Grade Me, Your father in the principle… your mother is the school nurse… every teacher knows your name. If you are ever gonna be able to “rule the school” now is your time to act. P.S. Not that you’ll listen, but that building a couple doors down is not for psychos… it’s just a old folks home. They aren’t that scary, cheek pinching aside.

Second grade me, keeping dozens of lady bugs as pets just doesn’t work. They won’t stay in that barbie house, and you will wake up with them in your hair. Oh, that squirrel that eats out of your hand, Nutter Butter,  take a picture with him. I don’t think I remembered to!

Don’t let Breelin play, “Don’t step on Toffee”, it just ends in tears, a dead hamster and a missed soccer game. (You make an awesome goalie, you find out later you were the goalie because you were the only one not afraid of putting your face down with a bunch of kicking soccer cleats. You rock.)

Third grade me, when your teacher is reading about some little boy being very sick and she faints, she isn’t just being dramatic. Get the nurse. Oh, and taking home your class Turtle for the weekend may seem fun now… FYI they stink. Literally.

You should really consider enjoying reading starting now, it makes those crazy long car trips slightly more bearable. Although after about 16 hours in the car enjoying it goes out the window, you just want to survive.

Fourth grade me, looking back I know that for fourth graders some of your friends can be VERY dramatic. As a pastor’s daughter I guess it’s good that God brings you this lesson early in life. Remember to try and deal with people diplomatically… oh I have you to thank for the beginning of my life long friendship with a near and dear friend, Sarcasm. Don’t know how I would have made it through school without you. PS. You’re amazing at Wall Ball and Four Square.

Fifth grade me, this is your last year in California. But, it’s okay. Not everyone in Kansas wears ruby slippers and has annoying yappy dogs. Some people there are even pretty awesome. Please though, take advantage of the great cali beaches while your still there. Wear sunscreen.

You have a cute little brother, he screams and cries and only shuts up when you sit outside with him. But you will love him alot, at least until he starts leaving legos on the ground. Take lots of blackmail pictures!

Sixth grade me, see I told you Kansas wasn’t all that bad. You’re at the age when guys get really annoying. Here’s a tip: it doesn’t get any better… Clear mascara is not make-up, it’s clear. It is the chapstick of mascaras.

Also, Xanga is a trap. It is not a private online diary. Do not complain about the mean things your friends do, even if they are mean… because one of the will eventually find the page and drag you to the scary counselor’s office,  after printing out the page of course.

Seventh grade me, don’t be scared about memorizing your locker combo and finding all your classes, you will do it eventually. Just remember, if you walk into a classroom and your seat is taken, make sure your in the right class period before asking the teacher what’s wrong.

Go to the mixer, some kids try to do the worm and it’s a great laugh. Oh, and play outside as much as you can, you’ll miss it.

PS Get over your pony tail phase! Oh my goodness do something with your hair!

Eighth grade me, you think your about to die. Leaving all your very best friends behind in Kansas. You won’t die, but don’t expect things to be a breeze in Christian school either. You’ll meet a few people to help you  get through the year. Might even see a cute guy. Just remember girls are never as dramatic as they are in Jr. High, and you thought fourth grade was bad! ha!

Ninth grade me, you’ll love the year of homeschooling. Just stay on top of things, chill in your PJs. When your co-op group goes to the art museum don’t even whisper joke about sitting on the ancient throne chair (even if it’s only behind a rope and doesn’t seem all that important), the guard a few feet away has like super hearing and will lecture your group for 10 minutes on the evils of sitting in the chair. And when they take you to a fancy lunch… salad with pecan encrusted goat cheese is not your best bet.

Tenth grade me, welcome to China Spring. Make some new friends, switch to a top locker (before the guy above you drops a text book on your head), and try your best in every class.

Eleventh grade me, new science wing! Yay. Not really. Chemistry isn’t that bad if you pay attention and take good notes. But for goodness sake don’t forget your rubber band or closed toe shoes on lab day.

Oh, and you don’t think your going to prom, but you are. You also will find a great dress on clearance at davids bridal a week before prom. Don’t stress about a date, you learn it’s more fun to go with friends anyways. Oh, and don’t leave your ticket in the car when your dad goes to vacuum it. You won’t see it again.

Twelfth grade me, Wow. Don’t stress about what you want to do. I still don’t know. But I do know several of your friends have changed majors several times. (Your mom was gonna be a Spanish teacher for goodness sake!) Stop freaking out and enjoy the year.

For heaven’s sake, wear like 6000 SPF sunscreen at the beach this summer! You would rather be white, than red and peeling. I swear.

No matter what you do, you cannot make a paper airplane. It just won’t happen. Beg someone for help ahead of time as opposed to last minute.

At the Zoo, go out the back way… because you CANNOT SEE past the bush, and with your luck you’ll pull out right in front of a state trooper, who isn’t the “give a warning” type.

Relax, Trust God, Perfect Your Amazing Signature, and Enjoy the Ride (it goes fast!)

See ya in the Mirror, Kiersten

This post was inspired by the Brad Paisley Song Letter to Me. It’s cute.

Letter to Me – Brad Paisley


Have you smiled today?

Happy wednesday!


THIS is basically how I felt all day yesterday:

I have bible study tonight, we are doing Beth Moore’s newest study. Pretty good, I’ll have to do a post on it later!

Love, kiersten

Pinterest Confessions

I was bored, had a few minutes of perusing on Pinterest… and realized that I could do a quick little post about some pinterest habits/ confessions. If you haven’t heard of pinterest, you live under a rock officially.

Anyways, Enjoy!


Pet Peeves: Facebook Edition

I was just realizing all the things that annoy me, and a staggering number of them have to do with Facebook. So, maybe you will share my pet peevishness… Enjoy! 🙂

A Girl’s Life

I must always put make-up on, no matter what because…

I must always have my toenails painted because…

When shopping…

At the movies…

Last but not least… my friends can attest to the fact that…

All of that is so true. Really.

In other news. My youth group is going on a missions trip this summer! The unveiling of where we are going is on Saturday, so more details to come!

Love, Kiersten

My Resolution List

So, Yeah. I am going to let you guys in on my resolutions for the year. I mean, really now. What are resolutions to most people? They’re a joke. Most of the time they don’t even last a month, sometimes a week. Lot’s of people don’t even start a list because they have NO faith in themselves.

So, why would I post my list publicly, making it suck ALOT if I happened to fail at anything on the list? Because hopefully it will help me stay accountable, it will give me a sundry of new blog post ideas, and maybe, just maybe my list will inspire other people along the way to stay true to their resolutions as well.

1. Get Healthy: We all knew this one was coming, it’s on almost everyone’s list at some point. But this one is different. It doesn’t say “Lose Weight”, it doesn’t say “Get Skinny” or “Get Swim Suit Ready”… it says “Get Healthy” because that is really what the focus should be on. I know the odds are stacked against me, as proved in this handy little graph. But I have high hopes for this, and I the first few days have done great! (One day at a time, right?)

I am doing a 1500-1600 calorie a day die (with one free day per week), and trying to workout a minimum of three days a week. Keeping it simple to start out with. Don’t want my body to go into (“she is running, we must be about to die” shock mode).

2. Read my Bible everyday: This really should be a given, I should be doing this anyways. I have been a little better about it this year, but I want to get into the habit of reading my bible daily. Sometimes, it’s hard to do, so much going on, and it just ‘slips your mind’ (sound familiar?)… But it shouldn’t be so easily forgotten, it’s an important part of any walk with God… Any relationship takes effort, and I intend on making my relationship with God stronger this year, and putting effort into reading my bible daily is a great start.

3. Learn a new hobby: I am looking at several things, but I would like to learn a new craft or hobby (or two!) this next year. Quilting, crocheting, or maybe just really learning how to use a new camera I am about to get, whatever I choose, I want to really know how to do it by the end of the year, and do it well.

4. Continue writing: I have been slacking on writing, and I love it so much! But with one computer dying, (still need to try and retrieve all my files from it!), and new computer that I need to get word onto, it’s been tough. But, I want to keep writing on my stories, and someday get published!

5. Continue photography: After much saving and still doing some research, I plan on getting my first DSLR very very soon. I hope to really hone my skills on that, and learn it inside and out. (Started a new photography page (check out the link at the top of the page)  if you didn’t notice! More pics to come!). I really love capturing a moment, a memory, forever. That’s an amazing thought to me.

6. Go somewhere I’ve never been before: I would beyond love to go on a missions trip this summer, I am really working on that, and would love to see it happen. But if it doesn’t, my final goal is to go somewhere I have never been before. It could be another continent, country, or just some ghost town somewhere in Texas… But, I want to go somewhere my feet have never set foot before. Adventure, even if in your own backyard, is what life’s all about afterall.

Hope you guys have made a list, or will now, and have the moxie to stick with it.

Love, Kiersten

PS I love that I used the word Moxie in this post, it’s a great word.

2011 in Review

So, 2011 was a crazy year. Both for me, and for the world. I don’t know how many times the world was supposed to end, but we will be dealing with those facebook statuses all year again. YAY…

Without further ado, here is my year in review.


Hid in a pitch black crawl space in the church for over three hours, me and my best friend TOTALLY dominated youth group hide and go seek that night.

I got hooked on the TV show Pretty Little Liars, and realized that I loved the books just as much.

Senator Giffords was shot in Arizona, she is such an inspiring person.

Still had no cavites (ever!, knock on wood).

I practically died in Pre-cal, our teacher was fired during the first semester, and after a bunch of know-nothing subs, the second semester we got a retired graduate studies calculus teacher. Yeah. Barely passed.

I got the flu for the first time, making me unable to exempt finals. Also, giving me an excuse to miss as many days as legally possible for the rest of the semester, (it’s 9 by the way).

SNOW DAYS! (Big deal in central Texas)

Went to an Art competition for Photography, and got a perfect score, and two medals.

I started actually believing God may want me to consider writing as a career.

I went on an art field trip to dallas, and a Toucan bit my camera.

Became obsessed with the Wii game Just Dance 2.


Started teaching my first bible study.

First sunburn of the year…

I watched Giant in honor of Elizabeth Taylor dying, such a talented actress.

Dad bought live crabs to make for dinner and they ran all over the kitchen. haha, good times. They made the perfect villian for my little brothers action figures.

Driving at drivers ed, and stumbled onto a million dollar drugbust, hah.

Royal Wedding!

Tornados all over the area, stuck in the church hallway waiting out the storm. (Note: the whole country had trouble with tornadoes, in case you didn’t remember!)

Osama Bin Laden was killed, I found out on facebook.

I entered a book chapter into a writing competition and got FIRST PLACE! My photography advanced to nationals as well.

18th Birthday! 🙂

Senior Prom with my friends… (Scratch the date and go with friends! totally the way to go, way less stress and way more fun!)

Started my blog 🙂

That one guy had some people freaked out about “the end of the world”… nope. Still kicking.

My little brother Graduated Kindergarten, and while leaving a little girl from his class demanded he take a picture with her. Stud.

Got my new phone as a grad present, love it still.

GRADUATED HIGHSCHOOL! In four and a half inch heels… without falling off the stage.

My first youth pastor got married!

Climbed Enchanted Rock, in flip flops. My legs were totally jelly. Great surprise detour dad.

FAMILY VACATION: Galveston. Got the worst sunburn I had ever gotten. EVER.

I won an advanced copy of my fave authors new book (There You’ll Find Me, by Jenny B. Jones).

First midnight movie premiere. Green Lantern.

Car 2… anyone? Yep. Ah-mazing.

Got bored at two in the morning and posted stupid jokes on like a ton of people’s walls on facebook. haha.

Hottest summer ever, over 100 most of the summer. 110 a good part of it.

The final Harry Potter Movie.

My last year of youth camp as a camper. It’s been an amazing five years Maypearl.

I did the worship and decorating for out church’s VBS, “Pandamania”.

It was still mind numbingly hot.

Got my first ticket, not the fun kind… the pay the county kind… State trooper wouldn’t let me off with a warning.

10th Anniversary of 9/11.

Drought Fires were insane. Destroying tons of acreage, and thousands of homes. Started collecting donations at church.

Chaz Bono was on Dancing with the Stars, totally ruining the show for me, forever.

Started a team for the local 5K for MS.

Went to see Lion King in 3D and sang all the songs the whole time.

Still hot. Gave up on it ever cooling down.

Started a new job.

5K for Walk MS, and I was not the very last person!

My second youth pastors got married, and I got the stomach flu that night.

RANGERS GO TO THE SERIES! Second in a row. They lose… but they’re still awesome. I even painted my nails like baseballs in support.

Carved my most amazing pumpkin to date.

Made a list of 11 wishes for 11:11 11/11/11.

Thanksgiving! 🙂

Holiday in the Park at Six Flags! (had the stomach flu AGAIN the night before!)

I started using pinterest.

Christmas music!

Finally did defensive driving. Two days before a warrent for my arrest would go out, but whose counting?

The month of car trouble.

Midway goes to the state football championships!

New laptop for Christmas! Super suprised.


Happy new year readers! As long as this took (foreverrr), I’m glad I did this, it was great to go over memories for the year.