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Christmas Traditions (and the perfect last minute gift!)

Can you believe Christmas is only five days away. There are only FIVE DAYS until my eighteenth Christmas. Mind-blowing.

I thought I would go through a few awesome Christmas traditions, that I love.

  • Christmas Eve PJ’s: I look forward to getting adorable PJ’s for Christmas Eve, every. single. year. They are one of my favorite things ever. New pajamas in general pretty much rock, but having a cute new and matching pair for all of those awful, makeupless, bed-head, Christmas morning pictures is pretty awesome.
  • Christmas cookies for Santa… commercials that say Santa wants cheese or soy milk, or sugar free are lying. He wants cookies. Period.
  • Not sleeping on Christmas Eve: Even at 18,  I cannot sleep on Christmas Eve… I just can’t. Not sure why… I think I am still waiting to hear those reindeer on the roof, but at any rate I sleep for maybe half an hour and stare at the ceiling the rest of the time.
  • Burning the wrapping paper in the fireplace: It makes the fire glow in all different colors, and crackle and snap. Love it.

Perfect last minute gift:

Here’s the story, you forgot your friend’s gift, your bosses gift, someone’s gift… there is less than a week until Christmas and you are running low on cash. This gift can run from 10 to 20 dollars, or less if you happen upon some good deals.

What you need:

  • A Microwave Popcorn Bucket
  • 1 (or more, I usually pick 2 or 3) things of candy
  • 1 or 2 DVD’s the recipiant will love  (I usually go for one)

You can either use tissue paper or loose candy for the bottom of the bucket, and then place the movie and candy how you would like, wah-la. Movie night in a bucket. People seriously love this gift. I have done it for birthdays, Christmas and graduations. It’s easy, cute, totally customizable, and if you find a five dollar movie you like it’s only about ten dollars.

Here’s one of mine:


Christmas Favorites

So, I am totally stealing this blog post idea from one of my favorite blogs, Southern Belle View. They are a group of talented Christian authors, who all grew up in the south or set thier books in the south.

Basically each one of them takes a turn, and they have a theme each week. This week they did favorite Christmas book, song, and movie. I was going to add tradition into the mix, but I think I will save that for another post closer to Christmas.

My favorite Christmas…


If you have ever met me, you know one thing for sure, I am a total book nerd…



My collection has incresed to the point where I could start making furniture out of books.

Anyways, I had a really hard time thinking of a Christmas book that I like. The third book in a series finally came to mind, I have read, and re read this series, the book is called The Winter of Candy Canes by Debbie Viguie. I can’t write too much without giving it all away, but its really cute, I got my set at Mardel’s.

Favorite Music: It’s no secret I am in L-O-V-E with Michael Buble’s voice… But when he made a Christmas Album, it just combined two things I completely adore… his Frank Sinatra-esque voice and Christmas music. WIN. And to be completely honest I am kinda liking Justin Bieber’s Christmas music too. Not a hater or obsessed fan, just didn’t like a lot of his music… But I’m digging the song Mistletoe. (*halfway shamefully ducks head, and turns music up louder*).

Favorite Movie: As a total movie buff, I have several.

Classic: You cannot beat White Christmas. Bing Crosby. Need I say more?

Hallmark: Of all the cheesy Hallmark movies I love… I love Holiday in Handcuffs the most. It stars Mellissa Joan Hart, and Mario Lopez… it’s one of those fake boyfriend to impress annoying family movies, but I cannot get enough of it. (A Christmas Card is a close second, which is a super touching military story, with some great comic relief.).

Animated: I don’t know if it is possible to beat all the old clay animation Christmas specials. They all go together, so I cannot pick just one. I love all of those. Rudolph, might have the slight advantage, but not by much. They’re all great.

Snowmen and Goodbyes!

Today was bittersweet. Today I said goodbye to the lovely kids left in my preschool class, because the church is shutting down the preschool I teach at. Miss Sue, the PDO director and children’s church pastor, is such a joy to know. She really loves these kids, and she is such a fun and positive person to be around. I know she is part of the reason this school did so well for long. (I love you Miss Sue!)

But I really will miss the kids, they were total sweethearts, and I wish I could have continued to work with them. I feel honored to have been part of thier lives. Seeing these three and four year olds learn to become good friends, listen to directions and even write thier own names was so neat.

We did a last day craft/Christmas present for the moms and dads, with handmade cards from the kids. To see them so excited about giving is exciting. Giving is totally one of the best parts of Christmas!

I just hot glued one popsicle stick across the others with hot glue, with another one on the exact same side, then they painted, and tah dah! How cute are these?

I probably way overspent this holiday season. Secret gifts, party exchanges, and of course checking everyone off on my list (one more person to shop for!). But, who doesn’t over spend this time of year, and what’s money if you can’t use it to bless people? Right?

Go listen to Christmas Music, and check out my movie quotes page! They’re pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Love, Kiersten