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Mini Pizzas!

As of today, I am trying to step up start my quest to get healthy. Using the word “quest” just makes it all seem so much more fun and exciting.

Anyhow, as I do this, it will mean less trips to McDonald’s and more creative recipe ideas! For lunch today I used “sandwich rounds” (which are basically like mini breads) to make mini pizzas! What’s great about individual pizzas is that you can create them especially for whoever would like one or what you have sitting in your refrigerator.

The Sandwich Rounds that I used… you can use another brand or even bagels!

I made mine with just a little pizza sauce, a little bit of “Italian Mix” Cheese, and some bell peppers. The Pizza sauce and cheese may not be all that healthy, but really you don’t have to use more than a spoonful on these tiny pizzas… and the cheese really isn’t bad for you in small quantities, especially when you’re like me and don’t have enough calcium as it is.

You can get so creative with toppings here!

Just add whatever you want to your cute little mini-pizza, pop in the toaster oven on broil for a few minutes, and presto! A delicious mini pizza for lunch! Depending on what you put on it, it’ll probably be less than 300 calories. Season to taste. Add your favorite fruit to the plate, and wah-la.

The finished product!

Yummy, easy, and something blessedly different than a sandwich with baked chips or a salad!




Chicken Tortilla Soup

Tonight I made some delicious chicken tortilla soup for my mom, she has been wanting it for days… so I figured, why not?

Here is the recipe I used:

I highly recommend it,  with a couple twists.

What I love love love about making soup is the fact that you can totally make it your own, and personalize it to your family’s tastes.

I added red beans to the recipe (rinsed and drained), I added more chicken broth, and no water. I probably used way more chili powder than it said, I didn’t measure it. I replaced the Oregano with Cumin, and I didn’t add the cilantro. I also just used the whole can of hominy instead of just throwing away some of it. I also had it simmer way longer than 40 minutes, closer to a couple of hours. It made the house smell great!

As for toppings, we got some sliced avocado,  shredded cheese and tortilla strips.

For the tortilla strips I covered them in a mixture of melted butter, chili powder, and garlic powder melted together. They were probably one of my favorite parts of the meal, if I were gonna be honest.