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Too Sore to be Productive

Hello lovelies, you’ll have to bear with me today.

I am basically really sore from Bob Harper’s Kettle Bell workout. I’m pretty pathetic, and in a tabloid-y mood today. Mostly because I can do nothing else without cringing. What is the best way to waste time being totally non-productive. Celebrity gossip of course!

So here’s some celeb news,( with pictures for your convenience! Am I sweet or what?) for the last day or so.

I knew I liked Matthew McConaughey for a reason! He’s a Texas Rangers fan.

Image In other celeb news worthy moments…

Miley Cyrus is engaged to Liam Hemsworth! Adorable couple, sorry ladies, but come  Andddd hellooooo? Look at that rock! Good job Liam.


 Famed author Ray Bradbury died at age 91! 😦


More importantly though, if you are looking for a killer workout please do yourself the favor of checking out Bob Harper’s (yes, the biggest loser guy) Kettle Bell workout. It will kick your butt… if you dare!

Ow, I hurt.

Enjoy my current obsession, on the house! (WARNING: It is country music. I like country music. 🙂 )

Hunter Hayes sings Storm Warning


Think Before You Ink (And a little good news)

You may all breathe a sigh of relief… or at least you can laugh while I do.

Robert Pattinson will not be making an appearance in the (it’s-gonna-take-forever-to-come-out) much anticipated Hunger Games sequel (as reported by US Weekly).

That would have been awful. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy Twilight (you either just cringed, shook your head, smiled, or begand asking yourself ‘why am I reading this’?). But that last thing the world needs is Robert in another teen sensation movie… I’m just getting over hearing his name every two minutes.

If I had to see his face on any more tshirts… or worse, body parts I’d have to scream and fall into a Bella-esque hermit depression for a few months.

Sadly, your eyes do not deceive you. This really is some lady’s leg. Click on the photo to go to the website and see more laughably awful Twi-hard tattoos.

The Hunger Games tattoo fad has already begun (see below), the last thing we need is more of Robert Pattinson’s face everywhere. He is not even that cute! Come on people!

Rest assured that when the books fall apart, the sales cease, the paparazzi scatter and the actors get old, there will always be a few people crazy enough to immortalize a teen fad onto their skin for all time… or at least until they start sagging and forget what the blob is.

OTHER AWFUL FAD TATTOOS (That people will surely eventually regret, or who’s kids will cringe when going out in public with their ‘mature adult’ parents.) :

Harry Potter. The best part is, she can totally hide it with a turtle neck or Rapunzel length hair!

Even though I adored The Avengers movie (I saw it twice the day it came out!), I believe that these guys were doing fine without having them permanently etched onto my skin.

Yes. That is Justin Bieber. In all his 12 year old glory.
Tell me she won’t regret that in 10 years, when people are laughing at the song “Baby” and she remembers his face will never leave her side.

“And she’ll be like baby, baby, baby, oh
Like baby, baby, baby, no
Like baby, baby, baby, oh
Your face will always be mine… mineee!”

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Don’t get me wrong. I do understand that some tattoos have a lot of meaning. I do get that they do not all come with a pop culture expiration date of doom… But some do…

For the love all that is good and holy, THINK BEFORE YOU INK kids…

…or some body part of yours may end up forever on the internet, being laughed at…

The end.