Too Sore to be Productive

Hello lovelies, you’ll have to bear with me today.

I am basically really sore from Bob Harper’s Kettle Bell workout. I’m pretty pathetic, and in a tabloid-y mood today. Mostly because I can do nothing else without cringing. What is the best way to waste time being totally non-productive. Celebrity gossip of course!

So here’s some celeb news,( with pictures for your convenience! Am I sweet or what?) for the last day or so.

I knew I liked Matthew McConaughey for a reason! He’s a Texas Rangers fan.

Image In other celeb news worthy moments…

Miley Cyrus is engaged to Liam Hemsworth! Adorable couple, sorry ladies, but come  Andddd hellooooo? Look at that rock! Good job Liam.


 Famed author Ray Bradbury died at age 91! 😦


More importantly though, if you are looking for a killer workout please do yourself the favor of checking out Bob Harper’s (yes, the biggest loser guy) Kettle Bell workout. It will kick your butt… if you dare!

Ow, I hurt.

Enjoy my current obsession, on the house! (WARNING: It is country music. I like country music. 🙂 )

Hunter Hayes sings Storm Warning


About Kiersten Nicole

I'm 21 year old girl, who has tried and failed to blog many times before... I’ve seen more blogs come and go than Lindsey Lohan has seen court dates. But, I’m back and here to give blogging another go. I am a self professed lover of reading, writing, and cookie dough (raw, I live on the edge). I am fluent in sarcasm and could probably fill a book with tweets under the hashtag #InnocentGirlProbs. I survive this life only by the love and strength that the Lord graciously sends my way. You will undoubtedly see posts about God. You will undoubtedly see posts about America,Chickfila, hot guys, conservative values, Texas, my unhealthy obsession with books, and whatever else comes to mind. You might see some sad posts, you might see some boring posts, and you might see this blog crash and burn.

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