My Resolution List

So, Yeah. I am going to let you guys in on my resolutions for the year. I mean, really now. What are resolutions to most people? They’re a joke. Most of the time they don’t even last a month, sometimes a week. Lot’s of people don’t even start a list because they have NO faith in themselves.

So, why would I post my list publicly, making it suck ALOT if I happened to fail at anything on the list? Because hopefully it will help me stay accountable, it will give me a sundry of new blog post ideas, and maybe, just maybe my list will inspire other people along the way to stay true to their resolutions as well.

1. Get Healthy: We all knew this one was coming, it’s on almost everyone’s list at some point. But this one is different. It doesn’t say “Lose Weight”, it doesn’t say “Get Skinny” or “Get Swim Suit Ready”… it says “Get Healthy” because that is really what the focus should be on. I know the odds are stacked against me, as proved in this handy little graph. But I have high hopes for this, and I the first few days have done great! (One day at a time, right?)

I am doing a 1500-1600 calorie a day die (with one free day per week), and trying to workout a minimum of three days a week. Keeping it simple to start out with. Don’t want my body to go into (“she is running, we must be about to die” shock mode).

2. Read my Bible everyday: This really should be a given, I should be doing this anyways. I have been a little better about it this year, but I want to get into the habit of reading my bible daily. Sometimes, it’s hard to do, so much going on, and it just ‘slips your mind’ (sound familiar?)… But it shouldn’t be so easily forgotten, it’s an important part of any walk with God… Any relationship takes effort, and I intend on making my relationship with God stronger this year, and putting effort into reading my bible daily is a great start.

3. Learn a new hobby: I am looking at several things, but I would like to learn a new craft or hobby (or two!) this next year. Quilting, crocheting, or maybe just really learning how to use a new camera I am about to get, whatever I choose, I want to really know how to do it by the end of the year, and do it well.

4. Continue writing: I have been slacking on writing, and I love it so much! But with one computer dying, (still need to try and retrieve all my files from it!), and new computer that I need to get word onto, it’s been tough. But, I want to keep writing on my stories, and someday get published!

5. Continue photography: After much saving and still doing some research, I plan on getting my first DSLR very very soon. I hope to really hone my skills on that, and learn it inside and out. (Started a new photography page (check out the link at the top of the page)  if you didn’t notice! More pics to come!). I really love capturing a moment, a memory, forever. That’s an amazing thought to me.

6. Go somewhere I’ve never been before: I would beyond love to go on a missions trip this summer, I am really working on that, and would love to see it happen. But if it doesn’t, my final goal is to go somewhere I have never been before. It could be another continent, country, or just some ghost town somewhere in Texas… But, I want to go somewhere my feet have never set foot before. Adventure, even if in your own backyard, is what life’s all about afterall.

Hope you guys have made a list, or will now, and have the moxie to stick with it.

Love, Kiersten

PS I love that I used the word Moxie in this post, it’s a great word.


About Kiersten Nicole

I'm 21 year old girl, who has tried and failed to blog many times before... I’ve seen more blogs come and go than Lindsey Lohan has seen court dates. But, I’m back and here to give blogging another go. I am a self professed lover of reading, writing, and cookie dough (raw, I live on the edge). I am fluent in sarcasm and could probably fill a book with tweets under the hashtag #InnocentGirlProbs. I survive this life only by the love and strength that the Lord graciously sends my way. You will undoubtedly see posts about God. You will undoubtedly see posts about America,Chickfila, hot guys, conservative values, Texas, my unhealthy obsession with books, and whatever else comes to mind. You might see some sad posts, you might see some boring posts, and you might see this blog crash and burn.

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