2011 in Review

So, 2011 was a crazy year. Both for me, and for the world. I don’t know how many times the world was supposed to end, but we will be dealing with those facebook statuses all year again. YAY…

Without further ado, here is my year in review.


Hid in a pitch black crawl space in the church for over three hours, me and my best friend TOTALLY dominated youth group hide and go seek that night.

I got hooked on the TV show Pretty Little Liars, and realized that I loved the books just as much.

Senator Giffords was shot in Arizona, she is such an inspiring person.

Still had no cavites (ever!, knock on wood).

I practically died in Pre-cal, our teacher was fired during the first semester, and after a bunch of know-nothing subs, the second semester we got a retired graduate studies calculus teacher. Yeah. Barely passed.

I got the flu for the first time, making me unable to exempt finals. Also, giving me an excuse to miss as many days as legally possible for the rest of the semester, (it’s 9 by the way).

SNOW DAYS! (Big deal in central Texas)

Went to an Art competition for Photography, and got a perfect score, and two medals.

I started actually believing God may want me to consider writing as a career.

I went on an art field trip to dallas, and a Toucan bit my camera.

Became obsessed with the Wii game Just Dance 2.


Started teaching my first bible study.

First sunburn of the year…

I watched Giant in honor of Elizabeth Taylor dying, such a talented actress.

Dad bought live crabs to make for dinner and they ran all over the kitchen. haha, good times. They made the perfect villian for my little brothers action figures.

Driving at drivers ed, and stumbled onto a million dollar drugbust, hah.

Royal Wedding!

Tornados all over the area, stuck in the church hallway waiting out the storm. (Note: the whole country had trouble with tornadoes, in case you didn’t remember!)

Osama Bin Laden was killed, I found out on facebook.

I entered a book chapter into a writing competition and got FIRST PLACE! My photography advanced to nationals as well.

18th Birthday! 🙂

Senior Prom with my friends… (Scratch the date and go with friends! totally the way to go, way less stress and way more fun!)

Started my blog 🙂

That one guy had some people freaked out about “the end of the world”… nope. Still kicking.

My little brother Graduated Kindergarten, and while leaving a little girl from his class demanded he take a picture with her. Stud.

Got my new phone as a grad present, love it still.

GRADUATED HIGHSCHOOL! In four and a half inch heels… without falling off the stage.

My first youth pastor got married!

Climbed Enchanted Rock, in flip flops. My legs were totally jelly. Great surprise detour dad.

FAMILY VACATION: Galveston. Got the worst sunburn I had ever gotten. EVER.

I won an advanced copy of my fave authors new book (There You’ll Find Me, by Jenny B. Jones).

First midnight movie premiere. Green Lantern.

Car 2… anyone? Yep. Ah-mazing.

Got bored at two in the morning and posted stupid jokes on like a ton of people’s walls on facebook. haha.

Hottest summer ever, over 100 most of the summer. 110 a good part of it.

The final Harry Potter Movie.

My last year of youth camp as a camper. It’s been an amazing five years Maypearl.

I did the worship and decorating for out church’s VBS, “Pandamania”.

It was still mind numbingly hot.

Got my first ticket, not the fun kind… the pay the county kind… State trooper wouldn’t let me off with a warning.

10th Anniversary of 9/11.

Drought Fires were insane. Destroying tons of acreage, and thousands of homes. Started collecting donations at church.

Chaz Bono was on Dancing with the Stars, totally ruining the show for me, forever.

Started a team for the local 5K for MS.

Went to see Lion King in 3D and sang all the songs the whole time.

Still hot. Gave up on it ever cooling down.

Started a new job.

5K for Walk MS, and I was not the very last person!

My second youth pastors got married, and I got the stomach flu that night.

RANGERS GO TO THE SERIES! Second in a row. They lose… but they’re still awesome. I even painted my nails like baseballs in support.

Carved my most amazing pumpkin to date.

Made a list of 11 wishes for 11:11 11/11/11.

Thanksgiving! 🙂

Holiday in the Park at Six Flags! (had the stomach flu AGAIN the night before!)

I started using pinterest.

Christmas music!

Finally did defensive driving. Two days before a warrent for my arrest would go out, but whose counting?

The month of car trouble.

Midway goes to the state football championships!

New laptop for Christmas! Super suprised.


Happy new year readers! As long as this took (foreverrr), I’m glad I did this, it was great to go over memories for the year.


About Kiersten Nicole

I'm 21 year old girl, who has tried and failed to blog many times before... I’ve seen more blogs come and go than Lindsey Lohan has seen court dates. But, I’m back and here to give blogging another go. I am a self professed lover of reading, writing, and cookie dough (raw, I live on the edge). I am fluent in sarcasm and could probably fill a book with tweets under the hashtag #InnocentGirlProbs. I survive this life only by the love and strength that the Lord graciously sends my way. You will undoubtedly see posts about God. You will undoubtedly see posts about America,Chickfila, hot guys, conservative values, Texas, my unhealthy obsession with books, and whatever else comes to mind. You might see some sad posts, you might see some boring posts, and you might see this blog crash and burn.

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  1. A busy year, but sounds like you had a good one 🙂 With 2011 done and dusted, all the best for 2012! By the way, you looked gorgeous in your prom dress! 😉 x

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