Sunburn (A Rant by Kiersten Shafer)

So after getting very little sleep last night, due mostly to the fact that this ridiculous sunburn keeps me from being able to attain any comfortable sleeping position at… I will complain, rant, blog about it.

For the meantime I do not possess the luxury or being able to lay down on my back, or side, or lean onto pillows.

I am tired and hungry, because we just got  back from vacation there is absolutely nothing to eat, aside from Au Gratin potato mix and stale tortilla chips. Bon appetite!

So, grudgingly I got up… I couldn’t have slept anymore anyways, thank you sunburn, and looked around my room.

First I checked my phone, talked to darling Kayla about doctors, and trees, and the creative word choices the autocorrect on my phone seems to replace my words with, you know, the usual.

Then I checked facebook, nothing new.

Then I walked down the stairs, cringing because it hurt my shoulders but then trying not to cringe because my poor nose is sunburnt. (There is no winning with a sunburn, no winning.)

Yesterday I caught myself up and finally  saw the season finale to Castle, so spoiler alert!

I knew someone was going to die and had been guessing the chief, so it was no surprise on that. But the way the writers brought it about was great, kudos to them. I mean who would’ve thought he’d had a hand in the murder of Beckett’s mother, and that’s why he had been so good to her.

It also allows a whole new place for conflict and drama next season, maybe the next chief won’t be so favorable to Beckett, or Castle.

What did get me was the sniper getting Beckett at the end of all that, and why all those cops/ Beckett’s best friends didn’t rush to help her, because they so would’ve in real life.

Of course right when this happened, I googled season 4 to make sure Beckett lived, because without her I would so not watch Castle.

Then of course her last moments of consciousness in this episode Rick says what we have been waiting four stinking seasons to hear, “I LOVE YOU KATE,” she kinda smiles, then all goes black.

Dear Castle writers, if you ever knew how to write a cliff hanger this is it, but I wish it had been during the season so that I only had to wait a week as opposed to months to know how this all get tied up.

Well, great. This was a good distraction for a few minutes, but my sunburn hurts still, I might go overdose on ibuprofen and aloe vera gel now.

Have a great day, and please please please wear sunscreen… but if you  ignore this advice and don’t and end up with a really bad sunburn, please tell me… misery loves company! 🙂



About Kiersten Nicole

I'm 21 year old girl, who has tried and failed to blog many times before... I’ve seen more blogs come and go than Lindsey Lohan has seen court dates. But, I’m back and here to give blogging another go. I am a self professed lover of reading, writing, and cookie dough (raw, I live on the edge). I am fluent in sarcasm and could probably fill a book with tweets under the hashtag #InnocentGirlProbs. I survive this life only by the love and strength that the Lord graciously sends my way. You will undoubtedly see posts about God. You will undoubtedly see posts about America,Chickfila, hot guys, conservative values, Texas, my unhealthy obsession with books, and whatever else comes to mind. You might see some sad posts, you might see some boring posts, and you might see this blog crash and burn.

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