First Post

Doesn’t the title just hook you with it’s bold statement and creativity? I know. I agree. Writing, it’s a gift. What can I say?

Well, to start things out, here is the main question the quintessential first blog post is supposed to answer, I guess. Why am I gonna start a blog?

To boggle the minds and inspire people world wide? No.

Basically… I am going to blog ….

1.) To preserve my memories, so like a diary or journal, but I won’t put all my secrets here and I won’t have to look around the house for 15 minutes looking for a pen.

2.) Because I need to something to write on, i just HAVE to write, and when I am bored with whatever story I am on at the moment, I can come and complain here 🙂

3.) Because some people might actually want to read this and know what is happening with me.

4.) The last and final reason, was basically to challenge myself, to see if I could consistently write on a blog for any amount of time. Not to mention I feel like everyone had a blog, and I while I am a little late to jump on the bandwagon, I want to at least say I tried it, for longer than a month. So my challenge to blog throughout my 18th summer, the summer before college, the summer after highschool, The Summer.

What’s happening with me?

Well, I guess the big news is I am going to graduate in a week! Crazy to think about, and please don’t ask what I am going to do with my life. I am 18. Who knows? I have some goals, but I’ll save that for another post, when summer gets boring.

This weekend is that church service for the graduating class (I still can’t believe  I am graduating!), then comes the memorable all night cram sessions for finals, that I do not get to exempt. I took too many “mental health days” this semester to get out of finals. Blah.

The next weekend I am walking across the stage, trying to remember to smile, and worrying in the back of my mind that I will trip or pull a Lizzie McGuire -if you don’t know what I am talking about, I demand you go watch the Lizzie McGuire Movie, this instant!

I then see myself spending the next few hours smiling for various cameras, hugging people I might never see again and ones that I will definently see again, and mostly thinking I have actually, really, graduated high school. I am old!

The next day is my graduation party, and I got a really cute dress for it. 🙂

The next day is church, and then is the monday I am waiting for. The first monday of summer, which includes sleeping in and lounging around all day long.

Then comes family vacation that weekend. I will talk more about that as we get closer to it, but let’s all just pray I am gonna tan for once!

Will things go as I plan? No, do they ever?  Will things go wrong? Most definently, but I am gonna try and go with the flow about it all. Yeah, wish me luck on that one.

Current read: A Royal Match by Tyne O’Connell — Pretty good, execpt it is by a British author and she uses a lot of slang in it. I have no idea what half of these girls are saying because the glossary in the back only includes some of the words. But it would be super funny to start using British slang, haha, lightbulb!

Well, more soon. Happy Reading. Hey, tomorrow is finally Friday!


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